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North Hills: Storage Clean-out and New Garage Set-up

This North Raleigh Project was a fun one. The Team always loves to set up new spaces!

Here, our Client was moving out of her apartment building, and into a new Townhome. She needed her storage unit cleared out, and new garage set up. She also needed to donate or sell all of the items she no longer wanted.

We began by clearing out her storage unit. Here, the Team loaded up the trailer and transported all of her items to the new townhouse.

When the Team was done, they made sure the storage unit was cleaned, for the client.

All of the items from the storage unit, were transported and placed in the driveway. Here the Team was able to go through each bin and box, with the Client. She was able to identify items that could be donated and items that needed to be sold. Once the Team group all the items to keep, they began to carve out spots in the garage.

Here, you can see Steph putting together a shelving unit for the remaining items.

These high shelves were already in the garage, and was perfect for holiday items, that are not accessed often. The Team also found wreath hangers, the Client already had, and used them to store all of her wreaths.

After grouping all items together, the Team the grouped everything together, for easy finding.

The group of items at the back right of the garage, were the items the Team posted for sale on FB Marketplace. Most of those items have since sold. Our Client was blown away we were able to come up with great storage ideas, so she can park her car in her garage as well.

After all was said and done, the Team loaded up the trailer with all the trash and donations, and away they went!

After a few days of work, our Client was out of her storage unit, had an organized garage and was rid of all the extra items she was holding onto. What a relief!!

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