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About LSO

Raleigh, NC


Life Simply Organized was founded in 2016 by Adrienne Ryan. She had many different roles, like most of us. She had a career in Mechanical Engineering, while keeping one foot in the service industry, on top of being a mom of two. She began to want more from life, meaning a balanced life of not only work, but play as well.

As she grew to learn the business world wasn’t too kind to mothers who wanted purpose in all aspects of their lives, she quit. She had to figure out what really made her happy and made sense in her life.

Adrienne has always loved helping others, her life had been filled with volunteering. She realized it would make her happy if she could work to help change people’s lives on a daily basis. Couple that with her tremendous organizing skills, she crafted a business to give her everything she wanted. A flexible schedule, purpose and joy.

As the business grew, she quickly realized she wasn’t the only woman out there struggling to juggle it all. So she grew her team.

Now, Life Simply Organized is comprised of some amazing ladies, finding purpose through organizing while also having the family life they deserve.

Life Simply Organized offers an array of organizing services. From move management, to organizing a panty, we’re here to help with any project you may have.

We also organize office spaces. If you feel like your business workspace could use some work, we’re here for you. We have a real drive to help people, and we love seeing the look on our clients’ faces when we show them the final outcome of our organizing work.

We work with empathy, no matter the situation. Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all, there is nothing that can scare us away, we love what we do!

LSO understands organization goes beyond putting items in boxes and making spaces pretty. It's about bringing peace into your life, it's about helping you become more productive. Everyday we work toward changing people's lives, and feel honored to be able to make a lasting impact.

We've laughed with many of you and we've cried with many of you. For some, this is not an easy process, but we are committed to always treating our clients with respect, empathy and care. We love what we do, and it shows

What We Do


Meet Adrienne Ryan, Founder and Pro Organizer

A New York native, Adrienne moved to Raleigh in 2016 and is proud to be able to call Raleigh home. She visited the area only once, and quickly fell in love with the weather, the people, and the beauty.

Soon after moving to Raleigh, she started her journey towards minimalism, zero waste and intentional living. As she grew in her journey, she started to feel the benefits in her personal life. Her life became more simple and she had time to focus on what brought her joy, like her family and the outdoors.

Years into the journey, she decided to get rid of all of her unnecessary belongings, which wasn’t too much after her time minimizing, and move her family into an RV. Her RV now sits on her homestead, where her and her family spend their days working on it and building a Rammed Earth home.

Adrienne’s passion for helping others bring joy into their lives through intentional living shines through while working with clients. She understands that everyone has different paths and wants in life, and is dedicated to help others realize their goals. She understands the essential need of Professional Organizers and will strive to keep providing professional, caring and educated services for everyone.

She has a detailed knack for planning and has worked on hundreds of different types of projects. Understanding clients needs, and having the ability to turn those needs into a manageable plan, is what her clients rely on.

Meet the Team

Profile Pic.jpeg

Ashley Simmons

Team Leader and Organizer

Organizing and planning brings Ashley much joy and she enjoys bringing that peace to her clients.

Ashley’s background in education as a nanny, camp counselor, and daycare assistant teacher, has honed her organzing skills.

A true sentimentalist, Ashley understands the difficulty of getting rid of items, yet embraces change to make room for the new. She strives to make spaces beautiful and functional. When she’s not busy sorting her clothes by color or thoroughly planning out a travel trip, Ashley
can be found hiking outdoors, baking cookies, or reading a mystery novel.

Fun Fact: Ashley has traveled to 24 countries! Her favorites have been New Zealand, Nepal, and Scotland.

Bonnie Headshot.jpg

Bonnie Hunter


Bonnie is a mother of two and has dedicated the last 28 years of her life to Education. During her time as a Teacher, Bonnie became proficient at developing and maintaining a variety of organizational systems; becoming particularly experienced with filing. 

Bonnie understands the calm that resides in an organized environment and loves helping others achieve that.

She looks forward to helping people live their lives simply organized.


Fun Fact: Bonnie and her dog, Duck, have hiked over 240 miles!

wpKOKCi05dkdIZ0MiRmt-out-b7db99e2cf5e5aecd522 copy.png

Linda Bumgarner


Organizing and decorating are her passion. Sixteen years as a military spouse has provided her with plenty of practice. With frequent moves within the US and internationally, she sets up her home every two years!

She graduated from the New York Institute of Art and Design as a certified home stager and has also enjoyed a career as a hospital administrator in the UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Germany.

Originally from the UK, she is privileged to call the Triangle area home, along with her adopted son and Army husband.

Travel features big in her life and she loves to explore the world! She is a thrift store bargain hunter and loves antiquing and flea market shopping.

Fun Fact: In the shower she is a STAR singer.

Headshot - Jennifer Gala (1).jpg

Jennifer Gala


For as long as she could remember, Jennifer has enjoyed organizing. It brings her pleasure and contentment to know that she can help others achieve a less stressful and more joyful life.

She has 20 years experience with an operational background in improving business processes, project management and delighting customers. She’s thrilled to have the opportunity to apply her skills with her home organizing passion.


Jennifer loves to travel, meet new people and experience new cultures, food and languages. It thrills her to use and display the interesting treasures she finds on her travels or simply from thrift store shopping.


Fun Fact: Jennifer grew up in Cary and after many years of living elsewhere including Puerto Rico, she’s returned. She now lives in the same home she grew up in, with her husband and daughter.


Shannon Cueva

Social Media Manager

While Shannon spent most of her time in Virginia, she was lucky enough to call NYC home for a few years. While in NYC she worked in the Fashion Industry before moving to her new home, Raleigh.

Shannon has always had a passion for making spaces beautiful and believes an organized space is the fist step to making that possible. She would frequently organize large sample clothes, just for the fun of it. She cannot wait to help you create a space that makes you feel joyful!

Why We're the Organizers for You 

To Save you Time and Money

Taking on a project alone means sacrificing your time at home and work while you research products, shop for items, get rid of donations, and put in the elbow grease. By utilizing our knowledge and experience, we will undoubtedly complete your project as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

To Finally Finish that Project

Remember that project you've been putting off? Life Simply Organized is not only ready, but willing and eager to tackle it for you., Imagine that weight lifted off your shoulders, without any of the frustration.

To Have More Great Days

A recent study by St. Lawrence University in NY, found that people who fell asleep around clutter, slept worse than those who didn't. Having a tailored, organized space, will greatly reduce the effort needed to maintain it. Take seconds to find important paperwork, or quickly get your family ready in the morning, while gaining additional "you" time, in one-fell swoop.

We Will Never Judge

We're completely unbiased. We will always be compassionate, and show gentle guidance no matter how big or small the project.

You Need Someone in Your Corner

Sometimes you just need a gentle push to get you motivated. We're here with you all the way, for as much, or as little as you need.

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