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Moving Services

Raleigh, NC

Take the stress out of moving

Moving can be a stressful time. Not only do you have to pack everything you own, but you may need to edit all of your belongings, remodel,  coordinate with a storage unit, stage for selling... the list goes on. 

We’ve helped hundreds of happy homeowners discover the peace and happiness that comes from having LSO handle everything from packing just their kitchen, or handling everything from top to bottom.
To learn more about what moving with Life Simply Organized will look like, check it out here.


Professional Packing

From packing one room, to an entire home, we're here for you.



Planning moves from start to finish is our expertise.


Light, Live-In Staging

Let your homes beauty shine through.

Professional Packing

At Life Simply Organized, we offer professional packing services designed to make your life and your upcoming move easier. Since we’re professional organizers, your items won’t end up in boxes as a jumbled mess. We’ll carefully pack up your home, room by room, putting like items together and labelling everything, so it’s easy to find once you move into your new place.

We can also edit items as we work, so only the necessary is packed. Moving costs can add up quickly but decluttering before a move can save on packing supplies, movers’ costs, storage costs, time unpacking and give you peace of mind to start fresh in a new place.

We get that you may have avoided using packing services in the past because of the cost, but our rates are affordable. We work quickly and efficiently; it only makes sense to have our team pack up your home before your upcoming move.

Move Management

Some moves require more than just packing up a few rooms and we’ve got you covered. We can provide complete move management, including coming up with a move schedule, coordinating storage solutions, planning with other professionals like movers and cleaners, purchase packing material, and more. We can help plan for the items needed to go into your temporary housing with you, until your new home becomes available as well.

There can be a lot of moving parts (pun intended) when it comes to packing up a home. Having experienced project managers on your side to help facilitate everything can be the difference between a successful move and a costly one.

If you’re looking to have the LSO team manage your move, we suggest reaching out months before your move is planned to happen. This will ensure a smooth, stress-free experience.

Light, Live-In Staging

Light, Live-In Staging looks different for every home, and we always provide a completely customized plan. As we pack up each space in your home, we will leave each room staged in a way that highlights its best features. We will provide tips to keep your home show ready at all times and create systems that will allow you to live in your staged home while you’re selling it, without your personal items intruding into the home.

We will use the items you already have and pack up the rest. You may not need to hire an outside staging company once we’ve started packing, we can do that to!

Ask any real estate agent whether you should have your home staged or not, and they’ll tell you it’s more than worth the investment. Professional home staging often results in higher offers, higher sales prices, and more offers on any property. We’ll help your home look its best, so you entice buyers and get offers on your home you can’t refuse. After the process, you’ll have most of your items packed too!

People want to imagine living in a home when they walk through it, and that’s exactly what home staging accomplishes.

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