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Raleigh, NC

Professional Home Organizer

$15 - $25 an hour
Hours per week: 0 - 30
Pay Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Travel Required

About Life Simply Organized

Our mission is to provide organizing services with professionalism and empathy while also empowering our workforce of women, and mothers. We were founded in 2016, out of a desire for a truly balanced life. Years later, we’ve been able to provide other women the same opportunity. Our Team Members enjoy a fulfilling job, with work hours that are conducive to being in the carpool lane.

We take great pride in our ability to help clients with kindness and efficiency. It is our Team Members that make all the difference.

LSO offers Professional Organizing services, including but not limited to:

Home Organizing
Virtual Sessions
Professional Packing
Unpacking Services
Paperwork Organization
Legacy Planning and Organization
Printed Photos
Work areas include but are not limited to:
Entire homes
Storage Units
We’re Hiring At Life Simply Organized
Professional Organizers not only put things in pretty boxes, we work very hard, and planning is a strong aspect of the job. Our clients rely on our Team Members to complete their project on time, on budget and with an attention to detail. We regularly work in cluttered and dirty spaces, with smiles on our faces.

All organizers start as an Assistant with the expectation to become a Lead.

Assistant Organizer Responsibilities
Assistant Organizers serve as the assistant to the Lead, during sessions.
Sort, move items, and help with general organization.
Occasionally take away donations.
Communicate with Lead and Supervisors.

Lead Organizer Responsibilities (In addition to Assistant Organizer Responsibilities)
Lead Organizers act as a client's project manager and take on their own clients
Overseeing the planning, organizing and documentation of their clients’ project through to completion.
Occasionally take away donations.
Utilize a project management software.
Communicate with the client, management and other service professionals

Position Requirements
Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination. Must wear a mask during sessions. No exceptions.
Reside in Raleigh or the closest surrounding cities.
Travel to Raleigh and the surrounding areas. *Occasionally Organizers will have to travel more than 30 miles away.
A newer phone that can handle several apps and the ability to use those apps.
Can carry 50 lbs. of weight up and down stairs at least 15 times in a session.
Customer Facing Experience
Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
A generally organized person with a basic knowledge of organizing skills.
Ability to put together furniture.
Preferred Skills
High energy level
An empathetic listener, compassionate, kind
Detail oriented
Works well with a team
Self motivated
Creative and Innovative: prefers working in unconventional ways or on tasks that require creativity
High stress tolerance
Continuously deliver a high level of service to every cli
Ability to retain attention and sort items quickly

How to Apply

Create a short video answering these questions.
Upload your video to Google Drive, including the email address,


  1. What does organizing mean to you and why is it important to our clients?

  2. Tell us about the steps you took on a project you completed (professionally or personally).

  3. Why do you want to be a Lead Organizer and how will you be an asset to our Team?

  4. Lead Organizers need to take charge, ask questions, think quick on their feet, chat for hours with strangers, have an eye for detail, manage other organizers and meet tight deadlines. Why does this excite you?

  5. Typical sessions run 4-6 hours starting at 10:00 am, Monday through Sunday, which days can you be available?

Fill out the Job Application
The application can be found here.

Email a PDF of your resume and any organizing photos to

Please note that applications will not be reviewed without a video.

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