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Extra Services

Raleigh, NC

Donation Removal

After each session, our Organizers can take away a car load of donations. We can supply you with the donation slip, if requested.​

All items must be bagged or boxed. If items are too large to be bagged, an additional handling fee is charged.


Travel Close
Travel - Far

We service Raleigh addresses free of charge.

Travel - Cities touching Raleigh
If you live immediately outside of Raleigh, we will still be happy to work with you. We charge a flat fee for each session.

Travel - Cities not touching Raleigh
If you live further then the areas immediately surrounding Raleigh, we charge travel by the hour.

The first half hour of driving to and from are free.

Check out our rates to see how we charge for this.

Product Research

During your session, your organizer can suggest products that will make your home as functional and efficient as possible.

We can take it one step further and have our Organizers research the perfect product to fit in any space.

Our Organizers will measure and take pictures of each space that needs product and then compile a product list with the suggested product for the client.

Product Purchasing

Once our Organizer has researched the perfect product, we can shop for it, receive it and then set up another date to place the product and organize your space.

We can even purchase packing material or whatever else your project may need. 

Trash Removal

Certain projects require trash removal, such as garage clean-outs and move-ins. We will use our trailer to haul away and dispose of these items. Only items safe for transport will be taken. Trash cannot be taken away in our Team Members cars.

There is an additional fee for a trailer load of both trash and donations.

If bagging and loading the items onto the trailer are performed outside of a session, an additional fee is charged for the labor.

Large Donation Removal

Some spaces may require large donation pieces to be removed. Other spaces may just have an overwhelming amount of donations, too much for an organizer to take away. 

In these cases, we can bring our trailer and haul it all away for you.

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