What to Expect

Free In-Home Consultation

During this time, we'll evaluate your problem area, discuss your goals and pin point your needs. We will figure out what is and isn’t working then create an Action Plan to reach your goals. We will visualize the entire project, laid out in steps, so we have a clear path to successful Sessions.

This process may take up to an hour, depending on how big the project is.


After we conclude the Free In-Home Consultation, we'll roll up our sleeves and get started. The Action Plan determines where we'll start and what we'll do first. Once we start working, it's up to you on how much you want to participate. We can work side-by-side or you can enjoy a glass of wine while you keep yourself available to answer any questions.


We take a 15-minute break every 3 hours. During this time, we can re-energize, re-cap and re-focus.

Hands-on session are booked at a minimum of 4 hours and will never go longer than 8 hours in one day. Consultation services are booked at a minimum of 1 hour. 

If more Sessions are needed, we will schedule another appointment at the end of each session. 

​Please understand, we're Professional Organizers, not cleaners. If your space requires cleaning before we get started, you must complete that task first. With spaces that have gotten out of control over time, cleaning is a necessary step and may require a cleaning crew. This can take some time; please plan accordingly so you can be on your way to a great space.


After your Free In-Home Consultation is complete, we will give an estimate on the amount of time needed. There are many factors that go into how long a project will be, some of them being:

  • The amount of clutter

  • How much paperwork we will sort through

  • How many boxes you have

  • How many people are involved

  • How fast you can make decisions

  • How many interruptions we may have (kids, phone, texts, etc.)

To help give you a better understanding of how long an area may take to organize, check out, Time Estimate Document.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that other things come up when we are in the middle of a project. If you need to cancel your appointment and reschedule, please give us a 48-hour notice. You can reschedule through text, email, or call Adrienne at (919) 675-2695 and leave a detailed message any time of day. If your notice is given with less than 48 hours, you will get a one-time pass. If it happens again, you will be charged for 3 hours.

No-Show Policy

If we arrive at your property for our scheduled appointment and you are unable to keep your appointment, you will be charged for 3 hours and mileage, if applicable.


Payment for packages are due at the end of each Session. Payments for services rendered outside of our Sessions, such as Shopping, are due at the end of the following Session.

Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Venmo, Cash App and Zelle

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