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Anderson Heights, Raleigh: Kitchen Move-In

When our Client called, she was more than anxious to move into her new home, with her family and 2 kids. She wanted to make sure her new space was set up for success from the beginning.

This beautiful kitchen had such potential, and amazing built-ins!

After researching the best products and shopping for the peices we'd need, it was time to set it all up.

We just love how it all turned out. 2 Organizers and 4 hours later, this kitchen went from boxes to Organized, beautiful and functional.

Bins, bins, bins. That's the key to keeping your pantry and cabinets organized.

Drawer dividers and amazing at keeping those drawers organized as well. They can easily turn that junk drawer into an organized utility drawer.

Don't be afraid to move items around or rethink where items go, keep tweaking your systems until they work perfectly for you.

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