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Project Planning

Raleigh, NC

No project can be successful without a strong plan

There are many things that are simpler to handle when they are properly planned. If you’re going into a project at home or at work, planning and organizing all the details of that project can help you get off on the right foot and ensure your project reaches a successful completion. The last thing you need is to feel frantic and stressed by a long to-do list, or even worse, be paralyzed by not knowing where to start.

At Life Simply Organized, one of our specialties is project planning. No matter what your project entails, we can help you make sure no detail goes overlooked and that the process is as smooth and stress free as possible. 

Phone Consultation

The first step to every project is the consultation. This can be done by phone, text or email.


During the consultation we will ask basic questions about your needs and your project including,

  • What rooms or areas of your home you want to organize

  • Any organizational systems you want us to help implement to make your life easier

  • Any special requests you have for the project


During the consultation, we ask that you not be shy! Even if you feel like your home is the worst its ever been, we promise not to run away. So be sure to send all of the pictures of your space and tell us everything you are looking to get done. We can not properly plan or estimate hours if we do not know it all from the beginning.


The next steps will depend on the information given in the consultation. If we determine that your project does not need further in-home planning, we will get you on the schedule and your organizer will finish the planning process during the project management. If the project is large, has several moving parts and needs further in-home planning before getting started, we will schedule a Planning Session.

Initial In-Home Planning

If your project is more complex, we may need to schedule a planning session before we can begin organizing. A planning session usually lasts 1-2 hours and is done in-home. This gives us the opportunity to walk your space, listen to your goals and needs and come up with a loose plan to get it all done. We will discuss scheduling, materials needed, and more.
This is your opportunity to hear how we plan on helping you and to ensure all of your needs are heard. After the planning session is over, the first organizing session can begin.

Project Management

You’ve had your consultation, but before your organizing session can begin, your organizer will reach out for further, in-depth planning. This is all done through your personal dashboard and is typically sent as an email. Your organizer may ask that you have hangers available and all your clothes be cleaned, or that you send more detailed pictures for their review. Whatever the organizer may need in advance to have a successful session, they will ask for that. This is also a great way to get to know who will be working with you and to let them know of any changes that may occur.

Project Management is not only done before your first organizing session, but before every session following. Each session is unique and we work hard to ensure a successful session by being 100% prepared. So, in between sessions, your organizer will always send out a message with any planning or questions they may have. They will also plan ahead with any Assistant Organizer for that session. This ensures everyone is fully prepared for your project.

Your Organizer may also use that time to plan with other professionals. This may include cleaners, movers, real estate agents, estate auctioneers, and more. 

Each session will always have half an hour of Project Management time tacked to it. 

If you have a larger project and you would like for us to handle a lot of the planning, we can provide that additional service to you by including more Project Management time.

Rest assured, you’re project will be completed with the highest level of efficiency as possible.

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