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Why a House Walk is so Important

Organized homes don't happen on accident. They may not even happen with alot of work either. But I assure you, an organized home is possible when you implement smart solutions.

One of those solutions is a House Walk. I personally do a House Walk quite often and love the simplicity of it. It helps me keep my home in order and also helps me keep a running "honey do" list (wink, wink).

A House Walk is exactly what it sounds like. Simply put, walk around your house and see what needs to be done. I utilize a House Walk for different purposes.

To see what needs cleaning

To see what needs fixing

To see what systems need adjusting

Let's Get Started

Grab a paper and pencil to jot down some notes. Now start walking around. Go from room to room and see what needs to be done. Add anything and everything. Quick cleaning, deep cleaning, professional cleaning, minor fixes, major fixes, etc. If there is an area in your home that always seems to be a problem, maybe your system needs tweaking; write down the issue and keep moving.

Don't do anything yet! I know it may seem overwhelming but it's okay. Don't get caught up in what needs to be done, just understand that this is a process and you're making progress!

When you're done walking your home, organize your list from easy to hard. Next to each item, write who will do that task (you, your kids, your spouse/roommate, professional, etc.). Now that you've done this, delegate responsibility.

Keep the list somewhere high traffic (I like to use dry eraser on the fridge door). When you get a moment, you can quickly tackle an easy project. If you have a little more time, start with one of the harder tasks.

Personally, my list is never ending. When I cross something off, it seems like I add 2 more things. But so is life. Your list will never be completely finished, but at least you're moving forward. You now have a written game plan, which really is half the battle!

Keeping your home organized and running smoothly doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Working smarter rather than harder is how I like to live, and a House Walk has definately helped me get there.

When I go to a Client's home, the first thing I do is assess the area, which is the same as a House Walk. I write everything down that I see and then make a game plan. This is all done before I touch even one item. It is important to know what you are going to do, before you do it, so you don't get off track.

I hope this simple trick helps in making your home an easier place to keep organized and clean.

I would love to help you get organized... and stay that way! If you ever feel like you would like a helping hand and some kind guidance, contact me and we can chat today!

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