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Unpacking Serivces

Raleigh, NC

Let us help unpack your home

At Life Simply Organized, our unpacking service can make your life easier and give you a much needed break at the end of a long move. Once you’re ready to start unpacking, our professional organizers can come in and get your place set up and ready to live in.
Instead of worrying about how you’re going to find the energy to unpack, leave that tedious job to us. We can help give you the fresh start you deserve while making your new life easier.



Plain and simple, we'll unpack and organize your items.


Packing Material Disposal

We can even haul your packing material away when we're done.

Concierge Unpacking

Our team loves to unpack and organize. We can make your life easier by just unpacking your kitchen, or we can unpack your entire home, it's all up to you. Some of our clients even enjoy going to work and coming back to a completely set up home, we're here for it all. 

Our concierge unpacking services includes the following and more:


  • Unpacking your possessions in an organized manner

  • Recommending organizational products to create an efficient and organized new home for you

  • Suggesting possible furniture placements to maximize the space of your new home and setting you up for organizational success

  • Researching and shopping for needed organizational products for your home

  • Setting up new organizational products for you

Packing Material Disposal

After every unpacking session, our organizers will always bag up your packing material and break down your boxes. They will place these items in an area easy for you to gain access to for removal. If you would like LSO to handle the disposal for you, we would be happy to do that.

We can coordinate a time for our trailer to come and pick up these items for you. Usually this will happen immediately after the session or a day or two later, depending on availability. 

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