Meet The Team

Adrienne Ryan


Adrienne's love of organizing and desire to help others pushed her to leave her Engineering career and open LSO in 2016. Since then she has helped bring peace of mind, through Organization, to so many of you.


Adrienne understands the essential need of Professional Organizers and will strive to keep providing professional, caring and educated services for everyone.

Daria Horak

Daria is a mother of two who enjoys the many benefits that have come from her minimalist lifestyle.

Her love for organized spaces began when she was young, and blossomed as she would help her friends and family organize their rooms and other personal places. 


As a busy mom, Daria views organization not as an end goal, but as a pathway to making daily life more manageable. Daria specializes in workable home solutions and easily maintained organizational systems.


Daria's former career in Hospitality helped to engrain in her the importance of interpersonal relationships and attention to detail.

Ellouise Davis

Ellouise comes from a theatrical background where she has been able to hone her organizational skills. She can organize a space as big as a warehouse while still paying attention to details like labels and zoning.


She has a creative side that helps her think outside the box to come up with new and efficient solutions for anyone’s organizing needs. Organizing and maintaining order is a huge part of Ellouise’s daily life, she has many tips and tricks to not only help simplify life but to keep up with it all as well.

Fun Fact: Ellouise has toured with a Broadway Show.

Steph Klinger

Born and raised in Maryland, Steph decided to move her family, including 4 boys, to NC to enjoy a slower pace of life. She spent over 20 years in the corporate world, responsible for a variety of project management roles.


Taking a project from bare bones, creating a vision and enjoying the end results is what drives her. In her spare time, she loves to be creative and spend time with her family.

Bonnie Hunter

Bonnie is a mother of two and has dedicated the last 28 years of her life to Education. During her time as a Teacher, Bonnie became proficient at developing and maintaining a variety of organizational systems; becoming particularly experienced with filing. 

Bonnie understands the calm that resides in an organized environment and loves helping others achieve that.

She looks forward to helping people live their lives simply organized.


Fun Fact: Bonnie and her dog, Duck, have hiked over 240 miles!

Caroline Allen

Caroline was born and raised in Raleigh and has enjoyed organizing since childhood. She appreciates living simply and understands the positive impact an organized space can have on one's life.


The experiences she gained while attending Queens University of Charlotte, working as a Bank Office Administrator and helping a Small Business realize their potential has taught her what works for different budgets, spaces and lifestyles. She's ready to help you live the life you deserve.

Why We're the Organizers for You

To Save you Time and Money

Taking on a project alone means sacrificing your time at home and work while you research products, shop for items, get rid of donations, and put in the elbow grease. By utilizing our knowledge and experience, we will undoubtedly complete your project as efficiently as possible, saving you time and money.

To Finally Finish that Project

Remember that project you've been putting off? Life Simply Organized is not only ready, but willing and eager to tackle it for you., Imagine that weight lifted off your shoulders, without any of the frustration.

To Have More Great Days

A recent study by St. Lawrence University in NY, found that people who fell asleep around clutter, slept worse than those who didn't. Having a tailored, organized space, will greatly reduce the effort needed to maintain it. Take seconds to find important paperwork, or quickly get your family ready in the morning, while gaining additional "you" time, in one-fell swoop.

We Will Never Judge

We're completely unbiased. We will always be compassionate, and show gentle guidance no matter how big or small the project.

You Need Someone in Your Corner

Sometimes you just need a gentle push to get you motivated. We're here with you all the way, for as much, or as little as you need.

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