What People are Saying

Mirror and Indoor Plants

Mary L.


Very professional and courteous always on time. Always understanding when I couldn't part with a treasure. A pleasure to be around and always quiet and respectful. She did a wonderful job and I love the results. I would hire her again. If you hire her you will not be disappointed. She is high energy.


Mark S.

wake forest

I could have never done this without her. I appreciate her help so much... Thank you so much... Awesome awesome awesome.

Small Green Plants

Ken J.

wake forest

These ladies are totally awesome. Right from the first communication response was immediate; they provided a no charge estimate and they were flexible in scheduling a date to do the work.

At our first meeting they provided some great ideas and it was obvious  that they were experienced and confident that their solution would please us. They were correct -- they arrived on time, went to work immediately and told us step by step what they were planning on doing. They brought a trailer to haul trash and old items away and we actually took advantage of that by finding items throughout our house that we simply tossed into the trailer while they were working.

They were professional, courteous and came equipped with all the materials and tools to do the job. It was obvious that they had done this kind of work for years. Their pricing was very reasonable and after only one day of work we are now able to park our cars in the garage; something we were unable to do for the last 20 years --- simply amazing!!! On a scale of 5 stars I give this company 10 stars.

Aloe Vera Plant

Heather D.


Adrienne helped organize 30+ years of paperwork (12 banker boxes full) for an elderly family member. She expertly sorted through what was needed to be saved and what could be shredded or thrown away. This project would have taken me MONTHS to complete. Adrienne is a lifesaver and I will hire her again if a similar need arises.

Green Plants

Diana C.

wake forest

Life Simply Organized Team was phenomenal. They organized, educated, packed, sorted and redistributed slightly used items, disposed of not needed items. They prepared us for our upcoming move by helping us to forward think on what is/is not needed. We downsized and could not have done it without Life Simply Organized.

Green Plant

Pamela M.

wake forest

Absolutely incredible service. I hired them to help me organize my storage unit after a big move. Elouise made a plan, we moved everything out, and placed it back in an orderly fashion. I cannot recommend them enough. If you need assistance getting organized I think this is money well spent. I am extremely pleased with the outcome.

Rubber Plant

Darlene U.

wake forest

The first issue was that it was difficult to just pick three things I liked. Phenomenal team. To say my garage was a disaster area was to put it mildly. I couldn't get either of my vehicles inside and I'm pretty sure the way things were stacked, there was a safety hazard and accident in there just waiting to happen. To be honest, I could not have imagined the results I got. Things were stacked neatly, organized and labelled. There are clear pathways so I can actually get to items stored. It was amazing that these results could be achieved in less than a day. As a bonus, I got professional feedback on how to better organize my office. I could not have been more pleased with this service.

Green Plant

Robert R.

new york

While my requirements went beyond just organizing or cleaning out surplus items, covid and other circumstances caused a need to really determine what I didn't need or value and what was truly important to me while I downsized. Adrienne came in and was well organized and able to delegate appropriate tasks to help get an amazing amount of work done in a timely manner. She's very professional and attentive to the needs at hand. As you know we all have stuff around the house that we probably don't need or can do without. Organizing and decluttering my environment simplified my life and helped me focus on other more important things. I would definitely recommend this service.

Green Plant

Amy D.

smith lake

I was overwhelmed thinking about organized my condo. It's a small space and I'm a bit of a pack rat. Adrienne was amazing! She was respectful of items I wanted to keep. She had amazing ideas for how to organize and feel like I can breathe again. Worth every penny!!