Wait! Don't Throw that Away. Let's Make Something.

I love making furniture for my family, friends and clients. But when I can transform something that would've ended up in the landfill... well that just makes my heart so happy!

Did you know:

1. We’re running out of space.

We’re generating more trash than we have at any point in history, and we're running out of landfills at a rate of one a day.

2. Landfills have been found to emit dangerous gases.

When all of our trash ends up in one big heap, that heap becomes toxic. A study by the New York State Department of Health reported that women living near solid waste landfills have a four-fold increased chance of bladder cancer or leukemia.

3. Processing trash releases carbon, and landfills are significantly contributing to climate change.

Negatively impacting the environment leads to problems that affect every living creature on this planet.

4. Landfills are made up of all kinds of trash that could have been handled or disposed of in a different way.

Much of the burden placed on landfills is completely unnecessary, but consumers are often uneducated on the subject or otherwise unfamiliar with their options.

Now that we've got those facts out of the way, let's get into it.

In the spirit of reduce and reuse,

I want to quickly discuss how I made the desk, featured in the picture, before I get into the stools. I built this child's desk out of 2 old cube organizers. One was 3x3 and black, the other was 2x2 and white. I ended up cutting down the larger piece and painting both organizers the same color. I then added a top board and sealed it. It worked perfectly for storage and studying. But stools were greatly needed.

Instead of buying new stools, I kept my eyes open for something I could re-purpose. Then wouldn't you know it, my neighbor threw out these 3 beautifully broken stools! Anyone out there like me, knows what a great find this was. I was ecstatic to say the least. I quickly scooped them up and got to work.

I cut them down to fit a child's height, painted them, and cut out new seats from plywood laying around my garage. I created cute pictures to fit a child's decor and put it all together.

The final product turned out beautifully. Now, this child has the perfect study area to do homework and work on projects.

And best of all,

these pieces were made from items that would've ended up rotting in a landfill!

If you have old furniture that you'd love to give new life to, I'd be happy to create something new for you. Along with organizing, I also create custom pieces for my clients, that give their home personality and functionality!


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